Updates September 2023 Qtr

Allio Quarterly Update: Unleashing New Features and Teasing Exciting Developments! 


Greetings, Allio enthusiasts! As we delve into the third quarter of 2023, we’re thrilled to share a comprehensive update on the remarkable features that have recently been rolled out and offer an exciting glimpse into what’s on the horizon. Let’s dive into the latest enhancements that are transforming the Allio experience for our users.   

Drag and Drop for Unassigned Jobs on the Calendar:

We understand the importance of flexibility in managing your workflow. With the latest update, users can now effortlessly drag and drop unassigned jobs directly onto the calendar, streamlining your scheduling process and ensuring that no jobis left unattended. 


Custom Sales Pipelines and Opportunity Tracking

Allio now empowers you to tailor your sales process with custom sales pipelines. Track your opportunities seamlessly, ensuring that your sales strategy aligns perfectly with your unique business requirements.  


Custom Fields on Opportunities

Enhance the depth of your opportunity tracking with custom fields. Now you can capture specific details that matter most to your business, ensuring a more comprehensive understanding of each opportunity and facilitating more informed decision-making. 


New Layouts for Jobs

We believe that user experience is paramount. That’s why we’ve introduced new layouts for jobs, providing a refreshed and intuitive interface. Enjoy a more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing environment as you navigate through your daily tasks. 


What’s on the Horizon


Stages on Jobs

Get ready for a more structured workflow with the introduction of stages on jobs. This upcoming feature will enable you to categorise and track the progress of each job, providing a clear visual representation of your projects’ lifecycles. 


Milestone Billing

In our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions, we’re excited to announce the upcoming milestone billing feature. Simplify your invoicing process by tying payments to project milestones, ensuring accurate and timely financial transactions.   

Email Branding 

Enhance your professional image with Allio’s upcoming email branding feature. Customize your communication by incorporating your brand elements into emails sent directly from the platform, creating a seamless and branded experience for your clients and collaborators.

We hope you enjoy the latest features and anticipate the upcoming enhancements that will continue to elevate your user experience. As we strive to provide tools that empower your business, we look forward to your continued feedback and support. Stay tuned for an even more in the coming months! 

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