Product Updates June & July 2023

We got busy again so a double-month update. Moving forward, we’ll implement a new feature board allowing you to suggest and vote on features and see what we are working on and what’s been delivered. We’ll also be posting updates within the app so you can see ‘What’s new’. We’ll keep these posts to a summary of what’s happened over a month or two. But, the new features are:

Move time and edit time sheets

You can now move time between services on a job and edit time sheets. Moving all time from a service will allow you to remove that service if required.

Weekly time sheet view

You can now complete and review time sheets on a weekly basis, showing totals for the week and day so you can make sure all time is captured correctly. You can also edit these entries and watch the time flow through to the job. 


This is very much an MVP, but you can now set notifications based on criteria you choose, such as the state the job is in, or who it’s assigned to. Automations have three core components:

  • A trigger which is the event that fires the automation
  • Conditions which needs to be met for the automation to complete
  • Actions, which is the notification (for now) or other ‘things’.

The vision for this is to build it out so that when a quote is accepted, you can automate a deposit invoice, or when a job is completed you can notify the customer, thank them, and ask for a review.

You can request new automations from within the app!

WorkflowMax migration tool

With WorkflowMax being sunsetted in June 2024, we’ve built a migration tool to bring in the main data you will require for historical reference purposes. We can import:

  • Clients, suppliers, contacts and link them where we need to
  • Custom fields and the data on clients, suppliers and jobs
  • Quotes
  • Jobs
  • Invoices
  • Time
  • POs
  • Leads
  • Staff

It’s a two step process, we bring in the basic admin information first, then ask you to set your staff rates and task/service rates, then we bring in the rest. This is information that’s not available through the api unfortunately.

What we are working on

What’s next? In short:

  • Big mobile updates
  • More automations
  • Email branding
  • Bug fixes and minor feature updates

We are getting as much done as we can in August to bring you some brand new modules in September that will hopefully allow you to see how the platform will evolve over the longer term.

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