Product Update December 2023 QTR

As we approach the end of 2023, we’re delighted to share the latest highlights from the December quarter, showcasing the successful delivery of features and introducing exciting new functionalities in Allio. Join us as we reflect on the progress made and anticipate the enhancements that will redefine your Allio experience. 


Milestone Billing

Simplify your invoicing process by tying payments to project milestones, ensuring accurate and timely financial transactions. Invoice based on percentages complete. Simples. 


Email Branding

Enhance your professional image with Allio’s email branding feature. Customize your communication by incorporating your brand elements into emails sent directly from the platform. You can also preview emails before you send them. 


Stages on Jobs 

Organize and track your project’s progress with the introduction of stages on jobs. This feature provides a visual representation of your projects’ lifecycles, promoting a more structured workflow. 


Exciting New Features Coming 


Timer/Stopwatch for Timesheet Entries 

Time tracking has never been more seamless! With the new timer/stopwatch feature, you can effortlessly log timesheet entries with precision. Say goodbye to manual input struggles and welcome a more accurate and efficient approach to recording billable hours. 


WIP Adjustments 

We understand the importance of maintaining accurate financial records. The Work in Progress (WIP) adjustments feature ensures that your financial data is always reflective of the current state of your projects, giving you greater control over your financial reporting. 


Job Balance Report 

 Gain deeper insights into the financial history of your projects with the Job Balance Report. This feature provides a comprehensive overview, allowing you to track project expenses, revenue, and profitability over time. Stay informed and make strategic decisions based on a thorough understanding of your job’s financial trajectory. 


Timesheet Entries as Individual Line Items on Invoices 

   Enhance transparency and clarity in your billing process. Now, timesheet entries are presented as individual line items on invoices, providing a detailed breakdown of the work performed. Your clients will appreciate the granular visibility into the services provided, fostering trust and understanding. 


Custom Report Builder 

Tailor your reporting experience to suit your unique needs with the Custom Report Builder. Create insightful reports and dashboards that align perfectly with your business requirements. This feature puts the power of data customization directly in your hands. 


As we conclude the December 2023 quarter, we express our sincere appreciation for your continued support and feedback. Allio’s commitment to innovation remains steadfast, and we look forward to an even more dynamic and feature-rich Allio in the coming year. Here’s to a successful year-end and the anticipation of more advancements in the Allio experience! 

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