Product Updates April & May

We’ve been so busy building new things we forgot to write one of these for April. So here are the product updates for April and May 2023!


Whether you have vehicles or equipment you can now record these assets, link forms (like prestart checklists) to them, schedule and complete maintenance records and keep an eye on everything. It’s a starting point so let us know what else you would like to see.

Job Templates

Yay! You can now create templates for the repeatable work you do and apply them to quotes and jobs to speed up your processes. Template services, costs, who’s commonly assigned and apply away!

Mobile Apps are Live!

Finally, we got something in the app store and play store. It’s very much a MVP so give it a download and give us some feedback!

Custom fields

You can now create custom fields on jobs and contacts. You can find this in settings > custom fields. You can create different types of fields by job type which we reckon is cool. From text fields, date fields, dropdowns and time pickers the choice is yours.

Contact relationships

Some times your contacts will know each other. A business may have many contacts  people, you may work with the accountant of a client. You can now define relationships between contacts in Allio. Simply click on a contact, click on ’create relationship’, search for the contact you would like to link and define the relationship in the text field. Done.

Xero and Quickbooks webhooks

Now, when you reconcile your invoices in Xero or Quickbooks, we pull back the payment in Allio and mark you invoice as paid. If you delete or remove your payment in the accounting system we also pick it up in Allio.

What we are working on next:

  • Recurring invoices and jobs – create recurring jobs and invoices

  • Weekly time sheets – a single view for all your time.

  • Retainer jobs – One job with recurring invoices on what ever frequency you would like!

  • Incident reports – Summarise the timeline and provide a way to write reports where needed.

  • Form submission report rebuild – They don’t look great, so we’re giving them some love.

  • People stuff – Top secret.

  • Other top secret i could tell you but we can no longer be friends stuff. It may be released in June, it may not 🙂 

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