March Product Updates

A few big things in Allio this month, and a few little ones as well! Let’s dive in:

– Asset Maintenance: It’s here! Create assets, schedule and assign maintenance and record maintenance when completed. Coming next will be predicting usage, linking forms and tracking distance.

– Default contact type: Set your default contact type to individual or company, it’s up to you!

– Schedule calendar job colours: Use either job type or job status colours to view your jobs.

– General UI updates and big fixes.

What's coming in April?

A few more things planned for April, including:

– Mobile apps: They are being submitted and should be live in April!

– Asset maintenance: Usage predictions, QR codes and more!

– Incident and Form submission reports: Sprucing these up and making PDFs easier to access.

– Recurring jobs and invoices: Exactly what that says, pretty cool.

– Job Templates: Easily create templates that can be applied to quotes and jobs.

We be busy! But also love feedback so if you have ideas let us know!!

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