Coming from WorkflowMax


I felt a level of sadness when I heard the news Xero is sunsetting WorkflowMax. WorkflowMax is an incredible solution that I had the privilege to work on and be in charge of. 

As the first salesperson for WorkflowMax back in 2012, I had the opportunity to closely collaborate with the founders, Gavin and Chris, and gain unique insights into their vision for the solution’s future under new ownership. I was also fortunate to meet and learn from a wide variety of service businesses, which provided me with valuable insights into their industries and the challenges they face.

When Gavin and Chris left Xero, I took over as GM. I did my best to get the management team to see the potential of what WorkflowMax could become, and how it could further support the success of service businesses. Unfortunately, I couldn’t convince them to embrace that vision. I consider this my biggest failure during my time at Xero.

Fast forward a few years, after working in a few other software companies, I made the decision to go back to what I’m most passionate about—the service industry.

Whether you’re in trade services or professional services, you know firsthand the unique challenges of managing clients, sales, jobs, your team, safety, and equipment. And on top of all that, ensuring profitability adds another layer of complexity that business owners often lack visibility over.

About Allio

That’s where Allio comes in, representing my vision for what WorkflowMax could have evolved into. We’re still in the early stages of our journey, but we believe we’ve created a solution that existing WorkflowMax customers can easily transition to without losing essential functionality. There are still a few things we’re working on, including:

  • WIP management / write-off.
  • Custom reports  We have now launched our custom report builder!
  • Bulk job reassignment.
  • Timer/stopwatch (yes we’ll include a pause button) – This is now launched, including the pause button 🙂
  • Stages (folders) on quotes (we’ve launched these on jobs).


We understand that change comes with its own costs, which can be hard to measure. To make the transition easier, we’ve developed an API migration tool that helps you bring your data and history from WorkflowMax to Allio. And as a special offer, we’re providing a 25% discount on Allio subscriptions for the first two years if you come from WorkflowMax. We’re also here to offer personalised training if you need it. This offer ends 26th of June 2024.

Moving forward

There are some things we promise as we build our business. The last thing we want is for you to switch to a new solution only to have it sit stagnate. So here’s our pledge to you:

  • You’ll receive regular product updates and new features in Allio, at least once a month.
  • We value your input and will give you a say in the features we prioritise. 
  • We’ll be transparent about what we’re working on.
  • If there’s something we can’t build or if it’s not on our radar, we’ll be honest about it.
  • Our customers, and technology are our core business — not our shareholders or sales and marketing.

Our vision is all about creating an all in one platform for service businesses, where you can manage the day to day, except core accounting compliance.

Your support means the world to us and we want to repay you by building something truly special.


Tim and the Allio team.

14 days, no credit card required.

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